Artist Statement

People Helping People is a collection of narrative portraits celebrating a few of the people and nonprofit organizations who are united in the common cause of improving our community. They are the unsung heroes among us. They are #ChampionsOfChange.

These photographs are meant to give voice to people through art. The bold, simple quotes are intended to support the larger, contextual photos and enhance the visible passion of the individual. When combined with their personal stories, these portraits remind us that there is no one type of person, no age group or chosen few who control the evolution of our community. Each person and organization is different, with their own story and their own reasons for why they do what they do.

Individually, we catalyze change every day by virtue of living in mindfulness of our social existence and the values that we hold dear. Together, we work as a community of different parts, sharing a vision of a place that is better than the one that we have. Side by side in the daily struggle, our strengths and our gifts are in the different ways we can serve. Through this, we must all work, united in action together.

Every year, Heart of West Michigan United Way mobilizes 6,000 volunteers and invests millions of dollars from 26,000 donors into local nonprofits. We are all connected through the common cause of improving the lives of people who live and work in West Michigan.

Share a story about a champion of change in your life through #ChampionsOfChange.